We strive to offer the best to our teachers: workshops at Dif 2020

Wednesday January 8th, 2020

Education is a never ending journey: that’s why Danzainfiera 2020 gives space and time to all activities, which deepen topics related to training and education. You only need to bring pen, paper, a comfortable outfit and the whish to give the best to your students.


Rosanna Brocanello, artistic director of Centro Opus Ballet, will help you to improve your teaching technique talking about each moment composing the dance class, but also focusing on the appropriate technical and pedagogical approach according to age and level of your students.

How is it possible to work on the floor with children starting from posture, teaching them the sense of rhythm with hands and feet? What music is appropriate? And with older students? How is it possible to help them controlling their body, working on technique and first pirouettes, training with jumps and variations? All these questions will be answered during workshops, which will be also excellent ways to deal with other teachers.

But that’s not all: Master will face also topics related to choreography, costumes, scenes and lights. Dancers of Compagnia Opus Ballet will give their precious contribution performing brief pieces during the workshop. They will introduce the use of  props and will help teachers to understand how is possible to bring astract performances on stage using particular objects.


Big news at Danzainfiera 2020: music, as major part of the teaching process and applied to dance!

Marzio Vaccarini and Maria Pia Di Mauro are waiting for teachers for a special workshop with piano live music to introduce the importance of music related to movement: metric, phraseology, syncopated timing and all different music styles applied to dance. A workshop which is theoretical as well as practical with exercises and choreo pieces set on movement and ballet technique.


Now in its ninth edition, Vaganova Master is a cornerstone for dance teachers in Dif’s programme. 2020 edition of the workshops will focus on last training in ballet, i.e. the IV° course of Vaganova Method.

Absolutely new in 2020 is the introduction of historical dance, a strong support for all teachers with students from 8 to 11 which are not able to wear pointe shoes yet to guide them to perform choreographies. Study of historical dance, even for older students, improve elegance, coordination of head-arms-legs and body. Classes with Marina Vasilieva, Anastasia Vasilieva and Riccardo Riccardi will be enriched by the vision of vidos and extracts of key texts of Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg.

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