Ye Ran presents Dunhuang popular dances

Introduced by Prof. Filippo Salviati

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  • Start time:15:30
  • End time:16:15
Friday 21
Meeting Area Terra Pav.
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Occurring the 50th anniversay of ItalyChina diplomatic relations, we are pleased to present Ye Ran in Italy, to contribute to the cultural exchange between the two countries and build an artistic bridge through dance.

Ye Ran 烨冉, famous traditional Chinese dance artist and teacher, is the pioneer of diffusion of the first-course class on Dunhuang dances, inspired by Mogao grottos wall paintings, Tang dynasty (唐朝 618-907). Because of her work, Ye Ran obtained numerous awards, succeeding as one of the best representatives in her field, particularly renown for bringing ancient Dunhuang dances inside Chinese schools and art institutes. Moreover, Ye Ran wrote textbooks upon the dance teaching, such as “Dunhuang Dance Popularization Tutorial” and “Dunhuang Dance Youth Popularization Course”.

Dunhuang 敦煌, located in the northwestern Gansu province, along the ancient Silk Road, was the heart of crucial meetings and exchanges between different populations and cultures. It is widely known for its Buddhist painting walls in Mogao grottos 莫高窟, a recognized UNESCO site. Other than illustrating us the religious beliefs and the people who had lived through the centuries in the Silk Road, Mogao’s paintings give us back vividly pictures of Chinese and Central Asians musicians and dancers, that delighted those times courts and animated Buddhist paradises with their arts.

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Ye Ran

Filippo Salviati

Yen Ran testimonial So Danca

Yen Ran sarà una delle stelle che sulla passerella delle sfilate presenteranno la nuova collezione fashion del famoso brand.



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