Tap Dance Masterclass with Daniel Borak

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  • Level:Beginners / Intermediate
  • Age: 10 years and above
  • Start time:14:30
  • End time:15:30

10 available

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Sunday 23
Rondino Pav.
Tap dance

Daniel “Dani” Borak is a world-renowned, international tap and multi-genre performer, choreographer and teacher. Currently he’s also Chicago Human Rhythm Project’s (CHRP) first three-year Artist In Residence, using his many skills throughout CHRP’s variety of programs (Stomping Grounds, Rhythm World etc.). Passionate about experimenting and collaborating with a broad spectrum of performing and visual artists, this extraordinarily talented artist has already expanded the concept of traditional tap dancing, creating his own unique blended vocabulary pointing toward the future of percussive dance and rhythmic expression.

Tap dance, in Italy known as tip tap, is a style of dance that finds companionship with all styles. From Ballet, musicals of Broadway, to street tap. Tempo, backbeat, syncopation, improvisation, rhythmic arrangements, body percussion make tap dance a real modern dance discipline and is constantly evolving. It is the bridge between jazz and pop music, including R & B and House, between the blues and hard rock: it is the dance that combines the very young to seniors and Italy. Tap is one of the techniques required in theater auditions for professional dancers, for that it is spreading so fast in every corner of our country!


Limited availability
Masterclass costs € 25,00 (up to 31/01, after this date price will rise) and includes entrance fee to access Danzainfiera

How to apply
1 – Buy the masterclass and fill out health certification on the top button “BUY NOW”
2 – print entrance voucher and health certification and show them at the entrance of the room

Not at the booking but at the time of the activation, Online Booking System runs a double check on:
– Age, based on the birth year of the person who is going to participate (indicated during registration);
– Time, the system checks if there are at least 15 minutes of time between the end of 1st class and the beginning of the next one.
Before booking, please verify that the participant meets the required conditions (age, gender, etc.) and, in case that more classes are being booked, pay attention to time overlap between the classes!



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