Tango Day

Milonga, Classes, Shows, Parade

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  • Start time:16:00
  • End time:20:00
Sunday 23
Cavaniglia Palazzetto Pav.
Classes, Shows and performances, Fashion shows, Special events

Tango Day is the day that Danzainfiera dedicates to all Tango lovers … and not only!

  • Milonga with live musicians
  • Professional exhibition during the Milonga – and from the morning, around the fair-
  • Group classes every 40 MINUTES (maximum of 50 people per group) with teachers who will teach those who do not know with leader/follower teaching method
  • Parade of garments and footwear from partner companies

Participation is open to EVERYONE. “Make it Possible” project, which Dif 2020 wants to realize even in this context, aims to make dance also those who never danced! The event is realized in collaboration with Pablo Tango Association, which has been located in Florence and operating in the sector for 15 years, with the help of specialists who are determined to teach with passion and spread the culture around this kind of dance, both in Italy and abroad.
Tango is a dance based on improvisation, distinguished by elegance and passion. Tango’s base step resembles a normal walk step. Few simple rules dictate improvisation’s limits. The leader leads, the follower follows.
The pattern of the dance in milonga goes anti-clockwise, starting from the edge of the dancefloor. The music in the milonga is proposed by the musicalizador, in song’s groups called tandas, usually made of 4 tangos or milongas/valses.
Argentine Tango, born at the beginning of the ‘900 and declared Unesco Human Heritage, is considered the seduction dance, and it is awarded in this sense because “it personifies cultural diversity, dialogue, and represents the essence of a community, therefore it deserves to be preserved”.

How to participate
To participate you do not need to book, access to the areas will be allowed up to maximum capacity.

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Access to the pavillon will be allowed up to maximum capacity. Priority access to invitation holders.

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