“Dance feat. Cinema and Tv Series” Workshop

7K- Seven Keys

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  • Level:Advanced
  • Age: 16 years and above
  • Start time:12:45
  • End time:14:45

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Sunday 26
Polveriera Pav.
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“Dance feat. Cinema and TV Series” Workshop with Lala Blhite, leading actress, dancer and author of “7K – SEVEN KEYS”, Davide Mastrangelo, director of “7K – SEVEN KEYS” and Stefano De Pieri, director of photography of “7K – SEVEN KEYS”.

If you haven’t seen the Episode 0 yet, you can watch it for free on:

The workshop is open to every dancer and it’s created to give dancers the opportunity to grow and work also in film acting.
As it happened in “7K – SEVEN KEYS”, sometimes movies and TV series require dancers who can act or actors who can dance.
In this workshop we will work on how to combine dance with film acting.

Lala, born as professional dancer and now growing as actress, will show the differences between videoclips and cinema or television, underlining the difficulties and the values that a dancer can have in different circumstances. She will then help to define the techniques that will be used by the dancers in the casting phase.

Davide will treat the relationship between dancer and director, identifying the shots and the emotional differences they convey. He will read the script with the participants, trying to assign them a role.

Stefano will use the cinema camera to show the dancers their performances live on screen and he will make them know how much the use of light affects the performances, whether they are danced or acted.

A unique workshop and a great opportunity not to be missed if your dream is to take your dance beyond all limits and, why not?! Even on the big screen.

We will soon update the 2-hour workshop plan.

The teachers:

Laura Ferretti, aka Lala Blhite, is mainly known for her work on “Just Dance” videogame by Ubisoft as dancer and choreographer, profession that she still practices in parallel with the audiovisual and cinema industry job as authoress, screenwriter, actress, director and producer.
She has covered various roles in show business for sixteen years, that’s why she’s considered a multi-potential artist, thanks to her ability to professionally practice various and different artistic, technical and creative tasks.
She wrote the book “7K-SEVEN KEYS” and she produced and starred in the pilot of the same story.
She worked for various artists, brands and companies, including: LMFAO, Amii Stewart, Fedez, Fabri Fibra, Lodovica Comello, Samuel Heron, Amscat; Citroen, BMW, Coca Cola, Crodino, Tezenis, RDS tour “Step Up 4” Flashmob, Game Stop, Lucca Comics, Games Week, The Week, Dance Plus, Macron, etc…
TV programmes: La Pista – Rai 1 – Dance Show MTV – Vuoi ballare con me – Rai 1 – “JUST DANCE World Tour” – MTV & Nickleodeon.

Davide Mastrangelo is an italian director and video artist graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna in Photography, Cinema and Television. His studies are focused on the research of new expressive codes of the audiovisual.
Since 2016 he’s co-artistic director of “Ibrida Festival”, which is a festival of intermedia arts and he currently works on the hybridization of languages by creating audiovisuals ranging from cinema, video art and advertising.
He has recently directed the pilot episode of “7K-SEVEN KEYS”, the short film “La Caccia” and several television commercials, including Amaro del Capo, Arancia Rosaria, Conad and Petrus.

Stefano De Pieri is a director of photography, he constantly search for the right nuance to make the idea coincide with the image.
He works on various Italian and international documentaries and programs (Voyager-RAI, The Great Underworld war-DISCOVERY, Ghost Hotel-SKY, The murder of Meredith-AMAZON UK, etc).
He collaborates with Sony and Universal for various artists music videos like K’naan, Morandi, Raffaella Carrà.
In 2017 he signed the photography of his first fiction film “Famosi in 7 giorni” produced by Almost filmand distributed by Minerva on Amazon and Netflix. In terms of advertising, he boasts collaborations with various brands, including Twinset and Unieuro.
He is currently working on the sci-fi TV series “7K-SEVEN KEYS”, and “Universitas Tenebrarum”, a grotesque comedy series set in the university world.

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Lala Blhite

Dancer, choreographer, author, screenwriter, actress, director and producer

Stefano De Pieri

Director of photography

Davide Mastrangelo

Italian Director and videoartist

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