Masterclass for teachers – Flow, between modern and contemporary

Specialization, updating and introduction of new modern/contemporary choreographic trends for teachers and young choreographers; guest: Teacher and choreographer Monica Baroni

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  • Level:open
  • Age: 18 years and above
  • Start time:11:30
  • End time:14:30

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Saturday 25
Polveriera Pav.
Masterclasses, Teacher workshops
Contemporary, Modern

Flow is a master of advanced professional training designed for aspiring teachers and dancers of modern and contemporary dance, teachers for children, adolescents and adults who wish to perfect their teaching technique.
The master’s program is intended as an opportunity to study and deepen not only teaching techniques and elements, but also stylistic ones, accompanying teachers in the creation of their own working method.
In particular, FLOW aims to offer a reflection on the relationship between Modern and Contemporary, two styles in perpetual exchange, in which the development of one contributes to the language of the other. In a time when everything is now contamination, everything is moving fast, space is filled with energy and multiple information: during the master’s program we will try to traverse the styles and potentials of today’s dance languages by bringing out their expressive and pedagogical potential.
The meetings will also address the technical and didactic analysis of the dance lesson, according to disciplines, levels and age groups; the methodology applied to choreographic composition workshops will be addressed with in-depth study of improvisation techniques.


-Elements of pedagogy applied to dance.
-Analysis and teaching technique of the dance lesson.
-Modern and contemporary dance techniques.
-Application of modern/contemporary relationship.
-Educational and technical-pedagogical path, by age groups and levels
-Problems in setting up a dance class depending on the class


Elements of pedagogy applied to dance, floor work, posture, positions, play, use of props, importance of music choice, first diagonals and small dance variations, tips for preparing dance essays.

Teens/adults (beginner/intermediate)
Floor work, becoming aware of and in control of one’s body, posture, space management, first technical notions, balancing, left and right danced exercises, pirouettes, jumps, working on directions, weight changes, type of variations, music choice, tips for preparing dance essays and competitions.

Advanced Courses/Professional Training
Technical and pedagogical coursework for professional training courses; various levels and division by age groups; methodology applied to workshops, choreography and improvisation ateliers; directions for music choices; pedagogical and technical advice; practical exercises and applications; advice for preparing for choreographic competitions and contests

At the end will be released a certificate of participation by the Opus Ballet Center also valid for the training credits necessary to obtain the Diploma nationally recognized by CONI upon payment of the costs established by it.

For those attending the master’s program, nonprofessional video recording of classes is permitted for strictly personal and non-commercial use.

We suggest preparing a comfortable outfit for the execution of simple movements, a large grid – lined notebook, a pencil, an eraser and a pen.

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Rosanna Brocanello

Artistic Director Centro Opus Ballet

Monica Baroni

Contemporary dance Teacher and choreographer

COD Dancers

With the participation of dancers of Opus Ballet Company




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