Ballet Class No Under 40 with Alina Quintana – Basics and Fundamentals

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  • Level:Beginners
  • Age: 18 years and above
  • Start time:11:15
  • End time:12:00

6 available

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Sunday 26
Room 1 Terra Pav.

How many women, now adults, have kept their dream of practising ballet hidden in a drawer?

“The Methodology” Classical Dance No Under 40 addresses the too many women who have lost the key that opens that drawer which is the dream of practising ballet. It was born from a conversation in a dressing room with Anna, a woman in her 60s who, intrigued by my posture as a dancer, approached me
and confessed to me her greatest dream: to become a ballerina.

“If there was a class with simple steps that respected my anatomy, physicality and for women of my age, I would attend it in a hurry”.

It was her phrase that enlightened me and encouraged me to develop a ballet methodology for adult women aged 40 and over in 2017 that gives them the opportunity to approach ballet, to experience a path of transformation and the realisation of a childhood dream.

The class I propose at Danza in Fiera 2023 does not require any previous experience or specific build.

The lesson we are going to do is called: Base and Fundamentals and is the first level of the method. It will last one hour and has a structure divided into 3 phases, each one links the other and all have a clear personality to make the future No Under 40 dancer experience a real transformation.

The Ground Bar: this is the first phase and has a sports dancer’s personality. On the floor we will perform the exercises that are done at the standing bar to develop: strength, control, tone, stretching and technique setting. We will need to wear sweatpants to warm up well and a mat as an accessory.

The barre: is the second phase of the lesson, the personality that the student will develop is that of the classical dancer through the style detail the skirt and the exercises at the barre with 2 hands that will help to build: the elegant posture of the dancer, coordination, balance, musicality and harmonious movements.

The Classical Repertoire – Kitri Don Quixote: The third and final phase is the dance phase, an imaginary stage for the No Under 40s. It is in this phase where a female ballet character will be performed. In the Classical Dance No Under 40 method, a different protagonist is studied each month, and in this lesson we will characterise the iconic Kitri from Don Quixote through the Reverence of the Etoile dancer. The accessory that will accompany this character will be the fan.

Arrive early for an opening greeting and remember to show up in the correct outfit, chignon and make-up thread. In case you do not have dance attire for this first experience, leggings, ¾ sleeves and black socks will be fine.

Limited availability
You can only book the event online:
– part of the seats is available for booking from Feb. 1, from 9 a.m. until the day before the event, at a cost of 8 euros (entrance ticket to Dif is not included!)
– the other part is available only on the day of the event, free of charge, from 00.00 until one hour before the event.

How to apply
Click on the button BOOK NOW and
1 – book the event and activate product code
2- fill in the Health Declaration, download and print: it must be shown at the classroom entrance

Please Note: Be sure to also purchase the daily ticket to Dif (clicking here)

Not at the booking but at the time of the activation, Online Booking System runs a double check on:
– Age, based on the birth year of the person who is going to participate (indicated during registration);
– Time, the system checks if there are at least 15 minutes of time between the end of 1st class and the beginning of the next one.
Before booking, please verify that the participant meets the required conditions (age, gender, etc.) and, in case that more activities are being booked, pay attention to time overlap!


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