Gala Show Danzainfiera 2020

Big guests for a big show

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  • Start time:17:00
  • End time:18:00
Saturday 22
Ronda Pav.
Shows and performances, Special events
Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Tap dance, Flamenco, Ballroom and latin, Tango

An edition of such importance as XV edition will be inaugurated by Dif2020 Grand Opening: a special selection of choreo pieces by Italian companies which promises to give strong emotions to public.

15 years are the precious occasion to celebrate in style: on stage rhythm and passion of flamenco with Sara Nieto Moreno and Monica La Serrana exhibiting in ‘Pulso’ with live music of Paolo Baldoni (cante) and Francesco De Vita (toque). Then, will be the turn of Modulo Project with Laccio, television choreographer of Raffaella Carrà and Gianni Morandi at the Arena di Verona as well as dancers of Dance Dance Dance. Tap Dance will be celebrated by 7-time world champions D’Angelo Bros, couple dances by Italian Champions of Latin dance Alessandro Lippi and Andra Galban and Standard Dances by Dimitry Mattia e Sara Specchia champions.

Dif Grand Opening will also give space to Tango with special Tango T21 (Trisomia 21) project, dedicated to Down Syndrome and able-bodied dancers, born to promote integration and social inclusion to share passion for Tango and dance. On stage a real Milonga mood: chairs, street lamps and candles. Dancers of Tango T21 project will dance with other able-bodied dancers a choreo, which has been already performed in television and in other live shows.

An even more international show this year: on stage for the first time in Italy Ye Ran. This famous artist and teacher of Traditional Chinese Dance, in occasion of 50th anniversary of Italy-China relations, will dance a special choreo piece, created with dancer and choreographer Gustavo Oliveira, that mixes Chinese and contemporary dance, with Opus Ballet company.

Finally Opera de Paris star Alessio Carbone, on stage with Emanuela Montanari, in ‘Le Parc’ with Mozart music and choreo by Angelin Preljocaj.


Sara Nieto Moreno and Monica La Serrana


Modulo Project with Laccio

D'Angelo Bros

Tap Dance

Dimitry Mattia and Sara Specchia

Latin Dance

Alessandro Lippi and Andra Galban

Couple Standard Dances

Tango T21


Ye Ran and Opus Ballet


Alessio Carbone e Emanuela Montanari


Access to the pavillon will be allowed up to maximum capacity. Priority access to invitation holders.

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