Flamenco Masterclass por Tangos with “Sarini”

Technique and Choreography

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  • Level:Beginners / Intermediate
  • Age: 16 years and above
  • Start time:12:00
  • End time:13:00

41 available

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Sunday 23
Rondino Pav.

“Creo que el flamenco es una forma de vivir por la manera de trabajar”

The bailaora and actress Sara Nieto Moreno, aka “Sarini” is an artist who with strength and sensitivity combines tradition and modernity in the constant evolution, that characterizes flamenco in the world. She shares her passion from Madrid to Japan, she has been on tour in most of China, working with Javier Latorre (National Dance Award 2011), has staged Cuentos Flamencos, Colores Mezclaos y Devenires, Argel y Orán with his company and his last show Flamenclórikos presented in Algiers this April was a great success.

“I believe that flamenco is a way of life shaped by the way you work. You live at night, you have no fixed schedule. It has always seemed to me that flamenco was very nomadic. It is a very free road, a road where you are often accompanied and also a very solitary path, as you try to compose and assemble your inner world, because, after all, flamenco is creation. It is also a way of expressing yourself”.

Sara makes her own and adds new elements in her vision of Flamenco, letting herself be contaminated by other fields like the theater and the circus, which opens up new perspectives on dance.

Limited availability
Masterclass costs € 30,00 (up to 31/01, after this date price will rise) and includes entrance fee to access Danzainfiera

How to apply
1 – Buy the masterclass and fill out health certification on the top button “BUY NOW”
2 – print entrance voucher and health certification and show them at the entrance of the room

Not at the booking but at the time of the activation, Online Booking System runs a double check on:
– Age, based on the birth year of the person who is going to participate (indicated during registration);
– Time, the system checks if there are at least 15 minutes of time between the end of 1st class and the beginning of the next one.
Before booking, please verify that the participant meets the required conditions (age, gender, etc.) and, in case that more classes are being booked, pay attention to time overlap between the classes!



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