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  • Start time:09:30
  • End time:10:30
Saturday 22
Ronda Pav.
School performances, Shows and performances
Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop and Street

The Saturday of Dif 2020 opens with a selection of choreographic extracts featuring the dancers of the professional schools who are present at the fifteenth edition of Danzainfiera and which you can meet at their stands (Attico Pav. and Urban Pav.): a moment where you can admire the level of art that is reached thanks to professional training.

On Stage:
– Ateneo della Danza (SI)
– Dance Movement Ballet (BO)
– Artemente (MI)
– Accademia Teatro Manzoni (FI)
– Professione Danza Parma (PR)
…and may others!


Access to the pavillon will be allowed up to maximum capacity. Priority access to invitation holders.

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