Dif Closing Ceremony

Hosted by Stefano Baragli

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  • Start time:15:30
  • End time:16:30
Sunday 26
Cavaniglia Teatro Pav.
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Dif Closing Ceremony

The great final show that captures the soul of Danzainfiera, starring all the special guests of this edition and the promising dancers of tomorrow.

From ballet to contemporary, a great show in which the contamination of genres and styles will be the distinctive feature. And also a great moment of sharing on stage: the unique opportunity that will give the students of the professional schools – who are pursuing a dream – the chance to share the stage with those who have already realised that dream, the big names of contemporary dance, international stars and étoiles.

Among the protagonists of the DIF Closing Ceremony will be Petra Conti, international étoile also awarded the title of Ambassador of Italian dance in the world, who will perform one of the most beloved pieces in the history of dance, the Dying Swan.

She will also be joined by Gabriele Frola, dancer and étoile of the English National Ballet, on stage with the Gopak variation.

And again, the Experience Dance Company directed by Matteo Addino, choreographer of the TV show “Il cantante mascherato” and I.D.A. teacher, who will be the star of a powerful medley taken from the TVB show with acrobatics and elements of contamination.

They will be joined by the Choros Ballet, i.e. Tiziano Casu, Shinhai Ventura and Tim Stodieck, a group of youtubers who have been popular on social media for years talking about ballet, who will perform ‘Iconic’, an extract from their new show ‘Vita da ballerini’.

Students from the Professione Danza Parma school, the same school where Gabriele Frola trained, will perform Grand Pas Classique and Francesco Gammino’s contemporary choreography ‘A place in his World’.
The students of the Centro Formazione AIDA in Milan will perform the neoclassical choreography UNBALANCED by Mick Zeni.

Protagonisti in scena

Centro Formazione Aida

1. Unbalanced

Professione Danza Parma

2. Grand pas classique

Choros Ballet

3. Iconic da "Vita da ballerini"

Petra Conti

4. La Morte del Cigno

Professione Danza Parma

5. A place in his world

Gabriele Frola

6. Variazione Gopak

Experience Dance Company
di Matteo Addino

7. Medley da TVB

Petra Conti

Gabriele Frola

Choros Ballet

Experience Dance Company

Professione Danza Parma

Centro Formazione AIDA

Access to the pavillon will be allowed up to maximum capacity. Priority access to invitation holders.

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