”Danzando con il cuore” Showcase – OPES ITALIA Regione Toscana

Presenta Marco Conti

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  • Level:open
  • Start time:13:30
  • End time:16:30
Saturday 25
Arena - Cavaniglia Pav.
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Danzando Con Il Cuore is an Inclusive Choreographic Dance Review open to all dance realities, now in its 11th edition that this year will take place during Danza in Fiera 2023. It is promoted by OPES Tuscany Regional Committee, dance sector, headed by Stefano Rossi.

The most deserving participants and associations will be rewarded with scholarships from prestigious dance organisations and high-level professionals.

Like every year, there will be no lack of emotions and touching moments, those that remain imprinted in the mind, that give shivers and that teach, especially to the youngest, how crucial it is in our lives to practise a sport or an art.

Great space will be given to INTEGRATED PARALYMPIC DANCES.

The students of the A.S.D. WHEELCHAIR DANCE FIRENZE Centro Toscano Danza Integrata will perform.
Sitting’ dancers are affected by pathologies that make it impossible for them to use and fully control their lower extremities. This has not prevented some Wheelchair Dance athletes from expressing their artistic abilities at the highest level and participating as Italy’s representative at International Speciality events (European and World Championships).

Daniele Terenzi, the first dancer in Europe, who also dances with the aid of a prosthetic lower limb, will be present with an exhibition. Last year he was elected winner at the Italian cdc solo championship. Daniele is also involved in social work thanks to the Bionic People association, of which he is a testimonial. Through the story of his own experience and sporting practice, he brings a strong message of rebirth and hope for anyone going through a complicated moment.
Closing the 2023 edition of Dancing With the Heart will be a special performance. Ivan Cottini, a dancer suffering from multiple sclerosis and also known to television audiences for his participation in “Amici”, will bring to the stage of the OPES event both his desire not to give in to a neurodegenerative disease and the power of dance.


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