Dance Master qualification programme presentation – ENDAS Emilia Romagna

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  • Level:open
  • Start time:18:30
  • End time:19:00
Saturday 25
Talk Area - Meeting Area Terra Pav.
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The aim of the course is to train DANCE MASTERS who will hold at the end of the course the Professional Qualification Certificate of DANCE MASTER, pursuant to DGR. 739/2013. E milia-Romagna Region.
The Dance Master prepares students at various levels, taking into account the artistic aspect and care of the body, on the various dance techniques: from ballet (essential for training future professional dancers) to more modern techniques. The dance teacher works in the design of teaching programmes and in the conduct of teaching programmes.
In the meeting, the Course programme will be presented in detail.

The course is promoted by the Professional Training Body Seneca Srl and Endas Emilia Romagna Aps


How to participate
To participate you do not need to book, access to the areas will be allowed up to maximum capacity.


Fabio Gardella

Renzo Colucci


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