Class for Teachers Ballet Technique – CSEN Nazionale

Additional information
  • Level:Intermediate
  • Age: 18 years and above
  • Start time:10:45
  • End time:11:45

48 available

Booking of this event not includes entry ticket for the fair.

Sunday 23
Room 3 Attico Pav.
Classes, Teacher workshops

Intermediate level lesson concerning techniques in classical dance, with methodological insights, by Piera Sabatini. The lesson is addressed to dancers who wish to start teaching as well as to teachers who want to expand their knowledge. The lesson also grants some scholarships for participating in the courses organized by the National Training Center (C.S.E.N.) in Pescara. The courses are aimed at providing a diploma of Technical-Sports Instructor for Dance. Such a diploma allows teaching dance in Amateur Sports Associations.

Scolarship awarding
Hosted by C.S.E.N. Centro Nazionale Formazione Pescara

Dance teacher 1st and 2nd lv. Propaedeutic – Ballet Tecnique – Modern

Dance teacher 1st and 2nd lv. – Ballet Tecnique

Dance teacher 1st and 2nd lv. – Modern – Contemporary Tecnique

Dance Professional Teacher – Ballet Tecnique

Dance Professional Teacher – Modern – Contemporary Tecnique

Limited availability
It is possible to book classes exclusively online: from 1 February to the day before each class, it will be possible to book some of the places for each course paying 5 euro. It will be possible to book the other places FREE OF CHARGE only the same day the class takes place, starting from 0.00 up to 1 hour before the beginning of the class.

How to apply
1 – Book the class and fill out health certification on the top button “BOOK”
2 – print the health certification and show them at the entrance of the room

Not at the booking but at the time of the activation, Online Booking System runs a double check on:
– Age, based on the birth year of the person who is going to participate (indicated during registration);
– Time, the system checks if there are at least 15 minutes of time between the end of 1st class and the beginning of the next one.
Before booking, please verify that the participant meets the required conditions (age, gender, etc.) and, in case that more classes are being booked, pay attention to time overlap between the classes!


Piera Sabatini

Patrizia Bianchi

Sabrina D'Aguanno



CSEN Piera sabatini


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