Bollywood Dance Masterclass with Mistry and Nadira

in fusione con danza classica indiana e danza moderna

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  • Level:open
  • Age: 8 years and above
  • Start time:16:30
  • End time:19:30

31 available

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Saturday 22
Rondino Pav.
Oriental, Etniche and folk, Other disciplines

The stage is split in two periods, both of them made of 90’:

– 04:30pm – 06:00pm Bollywood Dance, fused with Classical Indian Dance – hosted by Mistri;
– 06:00pm – 07:30pm Bollywood Dance, fused with Modern Dance – hosted by Nadira.

It will be taught the main basic hands gestures in combination with amusing steps. It will be taught Indian Dance main steps on choreographic sequences, up to bring up an entertaining choreography on a music mix of the most beautiful songs in the Indian cinematic world, Bollywood’s world!

Bollywood style can be fascinating for everyone, even children, since it encloses many steps involving jumps, different hand gestures, all to be coordinated in technical and choreographic sequences, nonetheless stimulating creativity. Thanks to the combination of joyful steps and music, this stage aims to bring joy to the dancer, passing them the wish to dance smiling, without fearing to express their own feelings.

“Bollywood” term was created combining the name of Bombay city – the actual Mumbai, core of the Indian filmic production and editing – and the one of another greater symbol of the American cinematic industry, Hollywood. It blends various Indian Dances styles with other modern western genres, such as Belly Dance, modern dance, hip – hop, and Latins.

The Eastern and Western styles combines in the cinematic production. This is the way that “Bollywood” is born, one of the most loved genre, which can be paired and compared with the American musical tradition, for their skilled dancers, the intricate and detailed choreography and the famous happy ending love story.

Passionate romances, music, dances, bright colourful Indian dresses represent Bollywood cinema. Not only a cinematic industry, that every year produces hundreds of films enriched with love stories and music, but a state of mind, a way of life, the most coloured and kaleidoscopic face of modern India, with its peculiar rhythm, sounds and colours.



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Masterclass costs € 40,00 (up to 31/01, after this date price will rise) and includes entrance fee to access Danzainfiera

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Before booking, please verify that the participant meets the required conditions (age, gender, etc.) and, in case that more classes are being booked, pay attention to time overlap between the classes!



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