Ballet Audition – AIDA Training Centre

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  • Level:Intermediate
  • Age: 13 - 16
  • Start time:15:30
  • End time:16:30

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Saturday 25
Room 2 Terra Pav.


Valid for admission to the AIDA Training Centre for the academic year 2023/24.


The AIDA Training Centre is a High Professional Training School for Dancers, founded in
Milan in 2008 thanks to the will of Marisa Caprara (President A.I.D.A.  Academic Dance Teachers’ Association graduated at the Teatro alla Scala), who directs it availing herself of Teachers with a diploma from the Teatro alla Scala Ballet School and other excellent teachers.
The school offers a training course based on the didactic programme of the Teatro alla Scala Ballet School, divided into eight years of study, starting from the age of 11, followed by a
two years of Professional Training.
The didactic programme includes lessons in classical technique, the core of the training programme, followed by repertoire lessons, pas de deux, pointe, floor barre, contemporary technique.
contemporary technique. The technical-didactic programme is combined with a preparation course for the the working world and the dancer’s profession.
The recognised prestige, guaranteed by the patronage of A.I.D.A., together with the close cooperation with various European schools and realities, gives students the opportunity to approach other methods and techniques. In the training course the student is gradually accompanied in the world of work: the many performances organised are created as a concrete opportunity for young dancers to live and enter into a professional experience, enhanced by the opportunity to work in close contact with the choreographer and artistic creation.
Every year the CFA graduates dancers who successfully enter the working world, in Italy and abroad, in high-level choreographic companies: Teatro alla Scala, Balletto di Milano, Ballet Dortmund, Delattre Dance Company, etc.
The academic courses are preceded by a propaedeutic and pre-academic phase, which is aimed at students of lower age (primary school).
The propaedeutic section represents a fundamental stage in the growth path of every aspiring dancer.
At the AIDA Training Centre, young students are gradually knowledge of the art of classical dance, approaching, in a natural way and in respect of their possibilities, to the technical difficulties of this discipline.
The study of this discipline involves major technical difficulties, towards which the students are guided in a natural and engaging way. Stimulate their curiosity, enhance their creativity, increase their degree of patience and attention to a new art, and welcome them into a serene and harmonious environment are all elements that make the children protagonists of the educational project and guide them towards the achievement of significant technical and artistic goals, making them feel part of a shared and rewarding experience.

The Educational Project
Alongside the technical/didactic aspect, the CFA is a professional school that has identified the growth of culturally and humanly complete people a priority.
The educational project puts the student at the centre, his needs and aspirations; the psychological and motivational aspect of the training course are a fundamental part of the educational framework. The achievement of the technical-artistic goals and the psycho-physical development of the students, while respecting and safeguarding the characteristics and needs of each individual and each age group, are constantly monitored and are periodically evaluated by the teaching staff.
The attention to the individual and his or her role in the group to which they belong are elements that all the staff (teaching and non-teaching) take care of on a daily basis, in order to create a serene and harmonious learning environment, functional to human, social and cultural growth of young students.

Limited availability
You can only book the event online:
– part of the seats is available for booking from Feb. 1, from 9 a.m. until the day before the event, at a cost of 8 euros (entrance ticket to Dif is not included!)
– the other part is available only on the day of the event, free of charge, from 00.00 until one hour before the event.

How to apply
Click on the button BOOK NOW and
1 – book the event and activate product code
2- fill in the Health Declaration, download and print: it must be shown at the classroom entrance

Please Note: Be sure to also purchase the daily ticket to Dif (clicking here)

Not at the booking but at the time of the activation, Online Booking System runs a double check on:
– Age, based on the birth year of the person who is going to participate (indicated during registration);
– Time, the system checks if there are at least 15 minutes of time between the end of 1st class and the beginning of the next one.
Before booking, please verify that the participant meets the required conditions (age, gender, etc.) and, in case that more activities are being booked, pay attention to time overlap!


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