Jazz and Contemporary Audition – Joffrey Ballet School

This audition is part of International Academies Open Days programme

Additional information
  • Level:Intermediate / Advanced
  • Age: 12 - 25
  • Start time:13:45
  • End time:15:15

1 available

Ticket entrance is NOT INCLUDED. Participants must to purchase online the 1 euro SPECIAL TICKET, and show it at the entrance, together with the Event Voucher.

Friday 25
Sala della Scherma
Contemporary, Jazz


Joffrey Ballet School confirms its annual appointment at Danzainfiera to select young talented dancers! If you are dying to get in touch with Joffrey Ballet School in NYC, Mexico and other amazing locations, don’t miss even a minute: book your audition for the school offering the most versatile and highest quality training.

The Joffrey Ballet School is the only ballet school in New York City that offers a well-rounded dance curriculum that includes serious training in both classical ballet (technique, pointe, variations, adagio, men’s classes) and contemporary ballet (technique, improvisation, partnering), as well as modern, character, choreography, dance history, music, pilates and yoga.

It is not necessary to prepare any choreography piece for musical theatre audition.

During all Joffrey auditions at Danzainfiera worthy students may be selected also for International Summer Intensive in Mexico and also for Italian summer intensive from 16th to 20th August 2021.

Diego Salterini, internationally famous dancer and choreographer, will chair this audition with Artistic Director Thelma Flores, special guest in occasion of Danzainfiera.

The audition is valid for:

Year-round Trainee Program

Age: 12/25 years

2021 Summer Programmes

Age: 12/25 years

Mexico Summer Intensive

Age: 12/25 years

Joffrey Italy Summer Intensive

Age: 12/25 years

Limited availability
The audition costs € 50,00 and doesn’t include the entrance tiket to Dif: participants must to purchase online nominative special daily tiket for 1 euro, to be shown at the entrance together with the Event Voucher.

How to apply
1 – buy the audition and fill out Health Certification on the top button “BUY NOW”
2 – buy online nominative special daily tiket for 1 euro (valid for the audition day)
3 – print Event voucher and health certification and show them at the entrance of the room
4 – fill out mandatory form here below, print it and give it to the teacher before the audition on place: mentioned documents are mandatory to attend this audition

N.B. Event access is regulated in accordance with the law and/or regulations and ordinances in force

1. Fill out mandatory form

Form compiling as well as audition booking and payment are essential requirements to access the classroom for the audition.

Results of this audition will be communicated via e-mail only, after the event.


Diego Salterini

Master Faculty Joffrey Ballet School

Thelma Flores

Artistic Director Joffrey Ballet School Texas Trainee Program International Director Joffrey Ballet School

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