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A unique and extraordinary event

Danza in Fiera is the biggest European event dedicated to all dance businesses, professionals, dancers, dance studios, groups and companies.
A unique and distinctive platform with exhibition spaces, stages and classrooms enclosing a wide artistic dance planning of all styles: ballet, contem­porary, modern, tango, hip hop, Latin, country musical, folk, waltz, burlesque and much more!
DIF gives space to all dance disciplines including introductory and basic methods as well as newest dance styles.

What does Danza in Fiera offer?

• Booths of the best dance, sport and wellness products, but also areas dedicated to dance studios, groups and associations
• Shows and performances of national and international dancers and companies
• Classes with world recognized masters
• Meetings and talk shows with professionals to discuss targeted topics
• Contents and competitions, to live the event as a protagonist
• Auditions and castings, to increase professional background