Saturday has the oriental vibe this year at Dif!

Magie d’Oriente is your showcase for every style and oriental dance discipline: the show is scheduled on prestigious stage of La Ronda Pavilion at 13.00, where public will appreciate beautiful and fascinating choreographies.

A rich and diverse line-up of open classes will amaze everyone: a special occasion to find out the latest and the newest techniques of this attractive and complex world.
Here below a glimpse of the program:

  • Belly dance in pregnancy: this type of belly dance has several benefits for expecting mothers just from fourth month. It facilitates a deeper contact with the baby, body strengthening, and improvement of circulatory system though nonstop movements of legs stimulating venous return which is usually slowed down by the size of the bump. This belly dance helps moving the spine and prepares pelvic floor for the delivery. 
  • Belly dance with Mum: a simple way to have fun moving together and joying all benefits that this type of dance produces in adult as well as in kids.
  • Sufi Dance and Circle techniques: practised by Dervishes Monks are incredibly powerful for everyone, especially for persons who wish to experience other types of balance of own body; a special way to feel using connection between internal energy and emotions.

Then, from all over the world: bhangra, kathak, bolliwood (India) and Nepalese Dancing (Nepal) and mix like bohemian gipsy, Arabian flamenco and many other techniques... All for you!

Near the Oriental Room a Bazaar of clothes and accessories to inspire a real oriental performance. Special occasions and reduced fees for Danzainfiera!