Spadolini Pavilion – GROUND FLOOR

Solution A
Booth 9 sqm (3x3)

Solution B
Booth 12 sqm (3x4)

Solution C (Fashion Show Area)
Booth 12 sqm (3x4)

Solution D
Booth 16 sqm (4x4)

Solution E
Booth 28 sqm (4x7)

Solution F
Booth 32 sqm (4x8)

Unequipped Area
starting 32 sqm (4x8)

Fitted Unequipped Area
starting 32 sqm (4x8)

Spadolini Pavilion – First Floor

Solution 4 sqm (2x2)

Solution 8 sqm (4x2)

Solution 12 sqm (4x3)

Solution Poster Session

Bigger preset stands
on estimate

Customized solutions
Possibility to customize your exhibition space with personalised set-ups, inside offices or greeting areas.

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