By: Professione Musical Italia
Duration: 13.00 - 20.00'

Since 2012 Professione Musical organizes, in partnership with Danzainfiera, 'Musical: The Competition!', an international event dedicated to the world of dance and entertainment.

'Musical: The Competition!' is a contest focused on Musical repertoire of all ages and open to non-professional performers. Aim of this competition is to find new talented dancers and support their artistic growth: Danzainfiera is certainly the best frame to give these attendees a lively and dynamic experience on stage. During the event will also be awarded the CAREER AWARD to Francesca Taverni.

LENA BIOLCATI - Vocal coach
FRANCESCA CIPRIANI - Creator and founder of the Musical Weekend project
SHAWNA FARRELL - Director of the Bernstein School of Musical
FRANCESCO FROLA - Director of Musical profession Italy
LUCIA GIUFFRIDA - Professor of Musical profession Italy
ROBERTO GIUFFRIDA - Professor of Musical profession Italy
ENRICO SORTINO - Director of the International Musical Academy
A Representative of the Urdang Academy

SCHOLARSHIP OF € 2000 for Musical Profession Italy

SCHOLARSHIP OF € 2000 for Bernstein School of Musical
SCHOLARSHIP equal to 100% for the International Academy of Musical, in one of the offices in Italy
SCHOLARSHIP equal to 50% for the International Academy of Musical, in one of the offices in Italy
SCHOLARSHIP OF € 1200 for Musical Weekend
SCHOLARSHIPS FROM 50% TO 100% for the Urdang Academy Summer School of London
SCHOLARSHIPS equal to 100% for Summer School Profession Musical Salsomaggiore Terme
This year profession Musical has decided to offer all those who pass the elimination phase and will perform at the final stage of the competition, a SCHOLARSHIP equal to 50% of the cost of the Summer School Profession Musical Salsomaggiore Terme (from 29 June to 7 July 2018) for a value of € 75,000

YOUTH - 8/11 years
STUDENTS - 12/15 years
JUNIOR - 16/19 years
SENIOR A - 20/25 years
SENIOR B - OVER 25 years


In the section SOLISTI E DUETTI it is mandatory to present a piece that includes live singing and choreographic movements. The GROUPS section includes two sessions: 1. choreography - 2. live singing and choreography. Choruses recorded on a base (not even reinforcement) are not allowed and it is absolutely forbidden to sing in playback. For the CATEGORIA assignment, it is based on the age completed by 31.12.2018. In the case of participants of different ages who fall into different categories, they will compete in the category of the older candidate (duets) or the largest number of candidates of the same age (groups).
Applications for the semi-final stage of the competition are open until 23 January 2018: the Rules with all the info can be viewed and downloaded below.

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