Teacher: Rosanna Brocanello
Level: Level 2
Duration: 150''

Refresher course designed for teachers and dancers aspiring teachers who have already attended the first course or who enrolled in DIF also the Masterclass for Teacher Level 1: Modern Contemporary Techniques Pedagogy (to be held from Friday 22 evening to Sunday 24 morning).

The theme that will be developed in this second level is the analysis of the choreographic construction. In particular the course will handle and deepen the following areas of work:

- the methods of realization in choreography, in relation to the different elements that contribute to its construction
- the role of the choreographer
- the choice of artistic language in relation to the dance techniques
- the teacher's relationship with the costume and the scene/props
- the vital role played by music and lights in a choreographic project

At the end you will receive a certificate of participation.

Limited availability.

The Master class costs € 45.00 and includes the entrance in fair on the same day.

It is also possible to buy a package of Modern Contemporary Masterclasses for Teachers:

Level 1 + Level 2

For information and how to participate:
tel +39 0574 575618