Teacher: Valerio Longo
Level: intermediate/advanced
Duration: 120'

Choreographer and international performer Valerio Longo will be at Dif for a double appointment: Spiritual Body Experience. This Lab aims to leave a trace in the training experience of each student: exciting investigation of movement leads to artistic gesture development. This lab is dividing in 2 sections:

  1. Educational session – movement technique
    Contemporary work will enhance awareness of all factors conducting to movement development: balance, weight management across surface, body parts, position inside the space, direction to the centre, rythm, dynamism and speed. Anatomical appearance and key role played by joint will be investigated with equal care; main puropose of this body work is not perfect execution of single movements but rather being aware as well as spontaneous during action.
  2. Choreographic research
    This bodies interaction laboratory expands previously learned concepts. Every session will be an original work based on each participant peculiar body features.

"For me to dance is loving my dancers. Every gesture is source of nature and sensuality. I want to embrace their fatigue and their abandonment. They often ignore the initial distance I feel at the very beginning. This isn't about choreographic language in itself, but is the way I deploy it to them that permits the dancers to come out and express theirselves. When they start to listen to their bodies, distance between us is cancelled. Abandonment stretches from physical to mental dimension and it merges with this powerful shared emotion".

(Valerio Longo:i mille volti di un danzatore, Lula Abicca Danzaeffebi 10/09/2016)