A.I.D.A.F. - AGIS (Associazione Italiana Danza Attività di Formazione) - P 6/8

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ACSI - Settore Danza - R 12

Association of culture, sport and free time.

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AICS - Ass. Italiana Cultura Sport - Q 2

AICS is a Sports and Social Promotion Agency, born in 1962 and chaired by the Hon. Bruno Molea. It has 140 territorial committees, 900 thousand members and 12 thousand clubs. it is among the major EPS recognised.

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CSEN Nazionale - Danze Accademiche - R 5

CSEN- National Educational Sports Corporation Sports promotion corporation recognized by CONI Corporation for training of sport instructors Corporation recognized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies

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Danzare Cecchetti ANCEC Italia - Q 12

The DANZARE CECCHETTI ANCEC ITALIA Association currently carries on the same principles on which it was founded in 1989 by Franco De Vita and Raymond Lukens A.N.C.E.C. becoming a focal point for dance teachers in Italy.

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Girotondo per sempre - B 8

The association Girotondo per sempre onlus was born in 2000, establishing a collaboration with the Department of Emato-oncology of the pediatric hospital Anna Meyer of Florence. For the support of such department, the association, Ciemmesse Girotondo for the Meyer onlus organizes fundraising events for the research, the patients' treatment and the equipments' purchase.

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MSP Danza Italia - R 17/20

ll Movimento Sportivo Popolare Italia è un associazione senza fine di lucro, riconosciuta dal CONI quale Ente di Promozione Sportiva e dal Ministero dell’Interno quale Ente Nazionale con finalità assistenziali.

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PGS - Comitato Provinciale Firenze - R 16

National Sports Promotion Body recognized by CONI It operates throughout the country promoting and supporting the discipline of dance and all other sports. For the dance it promotes workshops, contests, provincial, regional and national competitions. It protects associated schools through assistance on civil and tax regulations and offers a specific accounting program. Also it promotes and supports their events. Follow us on our website ww.pgsitalia.org The PGS, for years, is flanked by the collaboration of FIRENZE & DANZA

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UISP Danza - R 14

UISP dance area

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