Danzainfiera in partnership with Andalusiena

Flamencoinfiera is the program dedicated to the baile Flamenco, the original dance in Spain and one of the most popular today all over the world.

The event will include:

The lab anc masterclasses are taught by El Junco, bailaor de pura raza, and accompanied with guitar and voice in collaboration with Paolo Baldoni.

The idea is to spread and deepen the enchanting art of Flamenco. Flamenco has its origins represented as a method of expression for people whom singing, music and dance were apart of daily life. It quickly became a sign of cultural identity. This art is so vast and complex. It is not only a concentration of technique and virtuosity, but remains primarily a way of feeling and expression, a tool to meet the artist's need to "tell" their emotions. In 2010 UNESCO declared Flamenco an "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity". It’s universal because Flamenco embodies human feelings, from love to loneliness, from joy to pain; there is life with all its nuances. There is love and there is death. Flamenco, therefore, represents its relationship with the whole of humanity the human condition, and beyond.