Danzainfiera is a special appointment where you can meet in the same place and same time all of the representatives of the sector. That's why it's the perfect chance to:

present your proposal as a first preview to the opinion leaders of the dance sector
sharply target the promotion of products and services meeting Italian and foreign partners
immediately test the public's reaction and appreciation
enter a young and dynamic sector as is the dancing and ballroom dancing sector
optimize the organization of transfers of annual appointments

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Concurrently or as an alternative to the exposition alternatives here presented, it is possible to contact the secretary office and explain your specific needs in order to create, tailor-made promotional initiatives.

The centrality of the exposition allows the creation of customized corners, modular pre-set spaces or become a protagonist of the parade area, which includes a professional specific services package.

But Danzainfiera isn't only about dancing. It's a dynamic platform that can offer many visibility and interaction opportunities, thanks to a mainly young target, that includes dance and sports teachers, sector professionists, aficionados, practitioners, children and families.

The Fortezza da Basso, the location of the event, is a short walk from the Santa Maria Novella train station, in the heart of Firenze, at the center of Italy.

The target

Danzainfiera, over the years, has had over a million visitors, including thousands of buyers from all over the world.

The public target is made of mainly the young and the very young , with over 60% of the profiles between 6 and 30 years of age, from Italy and from abroad.


Participating as a sponsor to Danzainfiera means enhancing the visibilty of your brand taking advantage of the many public interaction possibilities available and the advantages of a focused communication to the entire sector community.

Ad hoc projects and promotion

Therefore sponsoring Danzainfiera means: 
organizing direct promotional initiatives taking advantage of multiple means of communication and aiming on the presence of a large public
realise co-marketing initiatives, road shows, gadget supplying and event and intiative sponsoring
coming into direct contact with opinion leaders and the general public rapidly testing appreciation on your offers