By: Dance Area Geneva
Teacher: Fernanda Diniz
Artistic director: Marie-Christine Maigret de Priches
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Duration: 60''

Ballet audition for admission to the Professional Dance Program and the Junior Company by Dance Area Geneva. The school will be granting full and partial scholarships to the selected candidates.

The audition will be held by Fernanda Diniz, ballet master and teacher of the school.

For further information you can meet the staff at the booth Q4, Pav. Spadolini Attic Floor.

The 3 year dance-performer course aims to produce versatile and creative dancers who have mastered an extensive range of technical skills. The program’s emphasis is on ballet, contemporary and modern’jazz techniques. Complementary disciplines such as singing, acting and acrobatics enrich the curriculum and allow students to further refine their artistic vision. Students are encouraged to develop their creativity and individuality through improvisation and composition workshops.

Students will tackle all the challenges of the stage as well as choreographers’ requirements and expectations through the school company: Area Jeune Ballet. Contact with working choreographers is made possible on a regular basis through choreography workshops. Area Jeune Ballet provides a stepping-stone that facilitates students’ access to the professional world and opens doors for their future careers.This audition is aimed at young dancers between 16 and 22 years old. A good level in ballet and contemporary dance is required.

Info :
Anastasia Piguet
Phone +0041 22 3292992